How to smooth over a travel for young travelers? Until now it was a mandatory to hassle with packing up toys, coloring books and tableware which are likely to get lost during travel. From now on, every young traveler may expect a nice surprise, that will guarantee a dozen of vivid impressions, fun and smiles once they are on board. Children amenity kits may be adopted for any age and travel class.

Regular travel amenity kits at times may include a generic container, tableware and almost nothing for child’s fun. Our kits are specially designed in bright colors which kids like and to avoid bags get lost during travel. Amenity kits include puzzles, coloring books, socks, hats, scarfs and other components, depending on client’s requirements. Our experience in production of amenity kits (for under 6 years old) are confirmed with the highest award – “Travelplus Airline Amenity Bag Awards” (2013 and 2014). These kits make travel safe and comfortable for children.

Each project are developed by a dedicated team of designers and marketing experts experienced in individual projects for railway and airline companies. Kits may have a trademark applied on it. Branding helps to use travel kits as a part of marketing strategy because our high-quality bags are often kept by consumers after travel and are able to constantly remind about a service they had during their travel.