Amenity kits

We pride ourselves in creating kits which are perfect for the luxury surrounding of flying First and Business class and which help to make the flight more memorable. The amenity kits we offer must secure the atmosphere and feel of coziness, status, and delight. A fine mixture of elegant materials, up-to-date and yet classical design, and delicate stitching helps us create products which are smooth to the touch and gratifying to the eye. Our main objective is to provide carriers and their passengers with luxury at reasonable price. We understand client’s needs and ready to provide them with unisex, female or male luxury kits. Combination of functionality, convenience, price efficiency, and style for sure is what we do when it comes to Economy Class Amenity Kits. Group of companies AK-Service selects the most necessary items and creates eye-catching pouches to assemble kits which would serve passengers at the highest level of economy class possible. We use all the resources available in order to make sure that each and every passenger experience will be comfortable and unforgettable.