• AK-Service introduces Augmented and Virtual Reality Onboard


    Group of companies AK-Service takes amenity kits to a whole new level.

    Mobile technologies have become an integral part of our daily life. Today it is difficult to imagine a modern person who can spend at least a day without a mobile phone. To keep pace with developing technologies AK-Service introduced them onboard.

    Today new opportunities provided by AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) allow us to immerse passengers in the bright magical world of new emotions and impressions, making every flight truly interesting and unforgettable. We blur the line between real and virtual for all passengers of any classes of service, and make the habitual games and activity books in children’s kits more attractive, bringing to life the characters on the book pages.

    AR mobile technologies are an excellent marketing tool not only to attract the attention of passengers and create a wow-effect, but also to achieve business goals of our clients. We are always glad to assist, relying upon the experience and professionalism of our IT-specialists and designers, who are able to implement the boldest ideas and quickly create AR and VR turn-key mobile applications.

    “Mobile applications with Augmented Reality, which we create today for our children’s kits completely free of charge, will allow children on board to have fun, so that the flight goes unnoticed for them and for neighboring adults wishing to relax” – says Aleksandr Ferents, the AK-Service Group of Companies Director.

    Download our mobile application “Airport in your palm” and experience the technology of augmented reality right now: App Store or Google Play

    Write to us to learn more about the new features of travel kits and make your passengers’ day.