• AK-Service brings AR to a market


    Group of companies AK-Service is very proud to introduce to you its high-tech division AK-Digital which brings Augmented Reality (AR), amenities, interactive media and mobile devices together.
    AK-Digital goal is to create a new approach to the way the industry entertain its customers and a new, augmented dimension to an ordinary things. Mobile technologies and AR is a perfect tools for that.
    Augmented Reality (AR is for short) is a technology which allows to add digital elements onto a smartphone, creating an illusion that content on the screen is a part of a real world. AR allows to change surrounding world with 3D objects, animations, graphics, videos and sounds.
    Greatest part here that ordinary things, like children activity book or coloring pages, or onboard menu and shopping magazines instantly benefits from integration with an AR. AR helps make them interactive and animated. Ordinary things augmented with AR became more visual, lucid, reach and interesting. And this process work in both directions – any mobile app become more interesting once it is anchored to a real world thing: 3D animated characters, or a graphics combined with children’s toy or shopping magazine became something new.
    Today AR tech requires only two things: the mobile device with camera and screen and a content that will be shown. The first requirement is already fulfilled – everyone have a phone or a tablet today. And AK-Digital job is to fulfill the second one – is to create AR content and bring it to the people over the mobile devices.
    AK-Digital already shipped a number of AR applications and participated in the number of AR projects: from children travel kit with AR 3D-puzzle to a premium series of collectable porcelain airplanes with AR effects. Under development a few new projects which haven’t been launched onboard yet, and one of them is AR shopping for airlines.
    AK-Service gathers a team of a professional mobile developers, AR-enthusiasts and artists to deliver next-gen kits – quality amenities made by AK-Service with modern technologies by AK-Digital.