• Mask for Children


    Here in AK-Service we always prioritized the needs of the youngest passengers. It is important to us that all passengers can feel safe on board and that is why we decided that children’s kits also need some changes in the current situation. We are adding some information about how to keep safe to the activities in the kits, like that you need to wash your hands properly and etc.
    Our design team also came up with the idea of unique 2 in 1 mask which can be used as a sleeping mask to protect your eyes from daylight, but in the meantime, you can insert a special filter (included to the kit) and open the mask to make it a perfect protection of your respiratory system. But together with this we realized that the usual masks always too big for kids, so we made a different size for different age groups.
    We’ve combined our ideas and designed funny prints on the masks for kids so they will feel excited to wear them all the time. There are some more options we offering to our clients for children’s kits at the moment and we do not stop creating and developing new products.