• New Russian Railways Lux class amenity kits


    For the Lux class passengers the Russian Railways company has prepared new amenity kits, allowing them to spend time onboard with maximum comfort and coziness.

    The elegant design of cosmetic bags, inspired by the beauty of the two capitals of Russia, is made in the Russian Railways company colors and presents images of the famous sights of Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

    To maintain the comfort of the Lux class passengers, the kit includes a full set of comfort items for a good rest while traveling, including sleeping masks that are comfortable for a long journey, nice soft slippers, ear plugs, and personal hygiene items.

    Organic cosmetics Natura Siberica, which is part of the kit, consists of 99% natural ingredients. Perfectly balanced natural composition of cosmetics will provide passengers comprehensive body care to be ready for work meetings or sightseeing immediately upon arrival.

    AK-Service group of companies highly appreciates the cooperation with the Russian Railways company and always strives to make its passengers’ journey relaxed and enjoyable.