• Rossiya Airlines children’s kit limited edition with Augmented Reality technology


    We do always take care of children on board of Rossiya airlines and have created limited edition of children’s amenity kit to improve children onboard experience complimenting the kit with Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

    Now children have an opportunity to enjoy activity book bringing to life the fascinating stickers by using Rossiya Kids mobile app, and to dive themselves in the wonderful magical world expanding their perception.

    New kit contains the specialized stickers that come alive when pointing the phone camera on them, thereby adding 3D virtual animated object into real world. Most remarkably, AR stickers can be used anywhere after flight. For example, kids can place the stickers on school notebooks, on the clothes, at home, and it will work wherever it is, delighting children and their friends.

    It is worth mentioning that AR technology is very easy to use and handy tool for kids, because it doesn’t require any additional devices except smartphone that everyone has today.

    “While developing AR mobile applications as an integral part of our children kits, we primarily take care of how to interest and excite kids during the whole flight and long after it, bringing comfort to their parents and increasing their parents brand loyalty.”- says Aleksandr Ferents, the AK-Service group of companies Director.

    New limited edition of Rossiya Airlines childrem’s kit is intended for creative play and creative thinking to make it possible for children to try out new ways of thinking and problem-solving in new reality.