• AK-Service gives a “New Life” to products


    AK-service is the first company in Russia to launch the recycling project named «New Life» together with its customers. We admit: “This is a great step, we are planning to make it one of the largest projects of all that we have previously launched.”

    The main idea of the project is to recycle used products, which are the parts of amenity kits, in order to decrease the quantity of wastes. As a result, we will reduce negative impact on the natural environment and will get the materials for the different type of products.

    Why are we doing it

    It is not a secret that an incredible amount of garbage falls into the landfill from aircraft industry today. After a short use ton of plastic, paper, textile become unnecessary and even dangerous for the environment. We are really concerned about it and we know what to do to change the situation.

    What are we doing

    Together with our clients we have started to organize the recycling process which includes three key steps below:

    Step 1: Collection and logistics.

    The cleaning companies on board collect remains of used amenity kits and place them in the special containers provided by us. We pick them up from the transport points to our sorting facilities.

    Step 2: Sorting and recycling.

    In the beginning we sort products by the type of material. And then the recycling starts. Some of the assembled stuff we send to special recycling companies, the main part goes to the cleaning and granulating area on our own factory to become a totally different product.

    Step 3: «New life» for products.

    From the recycled plastic we produce production packages such as containers, boxes and pallets. After recycling the soles of slippers, we produce mats for cattle, which we supply to agricultural enterprises and farms.


    Our production is located in St. Petersburg (Russia), any client can come with an inspection at any time and see the sorting and recycling process. We find it extremely important to make the entire project as transparent as possible for our customers.

    What has already done and what is next

    The first pilot test of the «New Life» project has been already launched together with one of our clients. Some of Russian transport companies who shares our aspiration of making the world more ecological are already collecting and processing their garbage. In the near future, we are planning to begin expanding of our project and to offer similar solutions for all our customers. This year we are going to present the project at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

    Responsible consumption and production which includes recycling, secondary using and caring for the nature are just in the beginning of their development. People are becoming more and more conscious and getting ready to do something to save the planet.

    Making the recycling process possible in each market we work on is our plan.

    We believe our clients all over the world will support this project, and all together we will be able to make a substantial contribution of saving the planet.

    Travelling and relax should be not only comfortable but conscious and safety!